HSH Raiway Finishes | INTERCOACH 5100FINE
HSH Aerospace Finishes specializes in the manufacturing of Water-Borne Coating Systems for the Aircraft Cabin Interior. We also offer products and solutions for trains and boats
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One of our specialty products is the IC5100 Fine ready-to-use filler.


It presents several advantages :


– Water-Borne
– One component, ready-to-use
– Convenient packaging in 200g toothpaste-like tubes (also available in 1Kg cans)
– Fast drying
– Can be sanded by hand
– Wet sanding possible
– Can be tinted in grey for easier application on white substrates

This product is a great solution to smoothen raw composite panels and to repair surface damages as holes or scractches on various substrates.
Simply apply with a spatula on metals, plastics, composites, laminates, and more…