HSH Raiway Finishes | INTERCOACH 5000
HSH Aerospace Finishes specializes in the manufacturing of Water-Borne Coating Systems for the Aircraft Cabin Interior. We also offer products and solutions for trains and boats
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One of our specialty products is the IC5000 THERMOFORMABLE TOPCOAT.
It was developed in tight collaboration with SABIC.


This solution is incredibly COST-SAVING.
Companies with Thermoforming activities often depend on the polycarbonate suppliers’ minimum order quantity requirements. These can often be as much as 250Kg per color.
With the IC5000 you can stock just one color of Polycarbonate, then paint the sheets in the color of your choice, according to your needs. Our 48hours lead-times contribute to your cost-saving flexibility and stock management.
Thermoforming can be done long after the paint has cured.
The IC5000 is compatible with most Polycarbonates and can stretch up to 700%.



The IC5000 can be produced in ANY color :
NCS, Pantone, RAL, RAL Design…
We can also color-match any sample, a piece half the size of a business card is enough.

Lead time is 48 hours : the shortest in the industry.


The IC5000

– is Water-Borne
– One Component
– Fast-Drying
– Almost Odorless
– Non-hazardous (cost-saving shipping)