HSH Raiway Finishes | INTERCOACH 5075PC and 5075M
HSH Aerospace Finishes specializes in the manufacturing of Water-Borne Coating Systems for the Aircraft Cabin Interior. We also offer products and solutions for trains and boats
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INTERCOACH 5075PC and 5075M

One component primers


The INTERCOACH 5075 are One-component Water-Borne Primers designed to promote the Topcoat adhesion on risk substrates.


2 versions are available :

IC5075PC for Plastics and Composites

IC5075M for Metals


Among the advantages of these products are :

– Extremely short drying time
– Odorless after a couple of minutes
– One component, no possible mixing errors. Add a little water and it’s ready for spraying
– No pot-life. The product left in the gun can be poured back in the can for use another time
– Spray guns can simply be rinsed with water after application
– No hardener, no thinner required
– Contains no Isocyanates
– Not considered hazardous, no extra shipping costs


Lead time is 48 hours : the shortest in the industry.